Implementation period: 03.08.2020 – 02.06.2022

Beneficiary: Academica VUM Ltd.

The project is funded by the Agency for People with Disabilities – Bulgaria

Project with registration number № 02-ЦЗЗ/ 07.04.2020 “Sustainable nutrition club and protected employment centre “Credo”” aims to create and provide jobs to at least fifteen people having two or more permanent disabilities reducing their working capacity over 50%.

The project activities are defined in two main areas:

  1. Construction activities for the actual creation of the Protected employment centre (adaptation of the space, purchase and installation of specialized interior furniture and equipment)
  2. Work and learning related activities
  • providing employment to at least fifteen people from the target group
  • support services:
    • employment mentoring,
    • psychological support,
    • support in acquiring of professional skills in the field of culinary arts (organizing and conducting specialized courses on topics chosen by the participants: confectionery, pasta, bakery, pizza class, etc.) with possibility to receive certification upon completion of the course,
    • foreign language classes in English or Spanish (according to the choice of the participants)
    • providing qualified experts to implement all support services
    • providing employment mediation and assisting the representatives of the target group to find a job in a specialized or usual work environment upon completion of the project


International College

Varna University of Management

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