Yesterday we had not 1, not 2 … but all 3 multiplier events to present and disseminate the project results 🥳Three national conferences for promoting the VET@HOME initiative and sharing the project achievements were organized as follows:– in Varna, Bulgaria by International College / Международен Колеж – България– in Tetovo, Republic of North Macedonia by ZDRUZENIE INSTITUT ZA RAZVOJ NA ZAEDNICATA (CDI)– in Zaragoza, Spain by Fase.netThese events marked the official end of the VET at HOME project and united representatives of the project’s stakeholders around the common goal to introduce a new approach towards the virtual practical training in culinary arts VET.If you missed the events, you can watch them in the previous posts on this page in the live-stream recordings shared by the partners.Although our project is over, we will continue to promote the project results and keep our audience informed for the latest developments in the digital practical VET introduction in EU policies and educational systems.Keep in touch! 🙂

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