Main themes and practical tasks:

  • What is photography? Specific qualities and peculiarities of photography
  • Digital photography – more accessible than ever
  • Digital equipment. Technical characteristics of photo cameras. Megapixels, memory cards, digital zooming – risks. Histograms
  • Camera device. Lenses, closure. Types of cameras. Choice of camera
  • Techniques and art in photography. Composition, view point, angle, plans.
  • Light types – natural, artificial, mixed, upper, side, contre-jour. Electronic flashes and accessories. Exposition.

Total number of hours: 45 hours

Group between 6 and 15 persons

Students who have passed the training acquire basic theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, which are necessary for the creation of professional photography. The process of training is practically oriented towards each student in order to form a sense of light, colors and composition, as well as acquiring confidence for self-expression through the means of digital photography. The training includes group discussions, implementation of individual and team tasks, as well as team research projects.